It is easy and quick to apply for your preferred studies at a renowned university! Use the PACE faculties search engine.


It only takes to use the special search engine on the homepage, define your preferences and enter your personal details. The automatically generated application form is immediately sent to PACE Foundation consultants who within 24h will contact you to confirm your personal details and determine the first competency test date.


The full application path for study courses is comprised of 4 stages:



Stage I – Application

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Important dates:

  • 1 January – recruitment for the upcoming academic year starts
  • 1 July – registration of applications for the upcoming academic year ends
  • 1 October – academic year starts in Poland
  • 24 December -1 January – winter holidays
  • January/February – winter exam session
  • June – summer exam session
  • 1 July – 1 October – summer holidays


Applications for the upcoming academic year received after 1 July shall only be reviewed if the universities still have free places. PACE Foundation may recommend to candidates other faculties than those indicated in the application.

The dates and further information of the exams can be found next to the faculties selected.

Note: you can apply for preparatory courses all year round! The list of preparatory courses will be available soon.


 Stage II – Verification






List of the documents required in the application process is provided next to the description of each course.

A consultant will check whether your documents are complete and compliant with the requirements of the given university.

The test is conducted at PACE’s offices in Beijing or online.










You may also deliver copies of your documents  personally to the offices of PACE Foundation. Remember that you will have to submit all your original certificates to the university prior to the start of the studies.


Stage III - Result





The information whether and how the exam will be conducted is provided next to the description of each faculty. The school is free to decide whether it is necessary to conduct the exam  in the course of the application process, also after a student’s arrival in Poland.









Stage IV – Further steps