PACE Foundation Privacy Policy

24th of June 2013



PACE Foundation gives high priority to protection of personal data of all PACE registered users (candidates, students, and others who apply for PACE education programs). This Privacy Policy applies to personal data usage by PACE Foundation on its website PACE Foundation collects also data of its Partners – universities, education institutions and other organizations. Personal data in this document refers to information given in the online application form or provided to PACE Foundation via e-mail, fax or post.


  1. PACE Foundation collects personal data via its website, through the online application form and account registration.
  2. To apply for chosen education program PACE Foundation asks to register the account – create username and password. Then the registered user fills the application form which includes personal data, contact data as well as information about previous education and/or professional experience.
  3. The data included in the application form can be edited, cancelled or completed at every stage of the application process unless it is provided to the PACE Partner and the university’s application process starts.
  4. PACE Foundation uses the personal information to provide assistance and service the user is requesting for or would like to obtain.
  5. PACE Foundation is obliged to use the data due to the application process on chosen education program. PACE Foundation can disclose those data to the Partner whose education offer (e.g. course) was chosen by the registered user. PACE Foundation does not disclose personal data to other third parties, not involved in the application process.
  6. PACE Foundation can transfer aggregated data about registered users for lawful purposes only.
  7. PACE Foundation automatically collects information about visiting the website such as IP address and other standard information (such as which country the user comes from). Those data can be used for different purposes (such as statistics and reports).
  8. PACE Foundation may use cookies to identify users and to customize their experiences.

Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. PACE Foundation can disclose information to the third parties within the law.
  2. PACE Foundation can disclose information to its Partners, especially:
    1. Universities, schools and other education institutions
    2. Subcontractors supporting the service and assistance process (for instance accommodation booking, insurance, travel, banking and related)
    3. Governmental institutions (such as National Boarder Guards, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, City Council and related)
    4. Other PACE Foundation Partners not mentioned
    5. By registering the account, the user gives PACE Foundation the acceptance for usage and disclosure of personal information for the purposes described in this policy.
    6. PACE Foundation does not take responsibility for third parties actions and is not responsible for any sensitive information leakage due to unlawful acts of third parties.


  1. This website uses cookies. Cookie is a file containing small pieces of text that a web server sends to your web browser when the user accesses an internet site. Cookies usually contain: name of the website they come from, their storage time on the user’s final device, individual number.
  2. The entity that uses cookies and has the access to them under the Website is PACE Foundation with a headquarter in Lodz, Poland.
    1. adjusting website content to user preferences and optimizing the use of the websites;
    2. creating statistics that help understand how users take advantage of Websites and to enhance Websites in their construction and information contained therein;
    3. maintaining Site user session after logging, thanks to which the user does not have to retype his/her login and password on every subpage of the site;
    4. ensuring the security of the site.
    5. The site uses:
    6. “session” cookies of a temporary nature which are stored on the user’s final device until the time of logging out, leaving the website or closing the web browser,
    7. "fixed" cookies stored on the user’s final device until they expire or until they are removed by the User.
    8. The site uses the following types of cookies:
    9. "necessary" cookies that enable the use of the services available through the Website, such as used for services that require authentication in the Website;
    10. cookies used to ensure safety, such as used for the fraud detection in the Website authentication;
    11. “efficiency” cookies allowing to gather information about how to use the Website;
    12. "functional” cookies enabling storage settings chosen by the user such as web design, etc.;
    13. "advertising” files, allowing to provide the user with advertising content tailored to their interests.
    14. Cookies can also be used by regular partners cooperating with PACE Foundation.
    15. The information contained in cookies is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the applicable laws.
    16. In addition to the information contained in cookies, the website does not automatically collect any additional information. In particular, the site does not automatically collect personal data or other confidential information relating to the user.
    17. Web browsers generally allow the storage of cookies in the user’s final device.
    18. Each Site User may limit the use of cookies.
    19. It is possible, at any time, to change the settings of cookies on the computer or other device by which you make use of the Site. Changes of the settings can lead to auto-lock of cookies support in your web browser settings or informing about them each time you enter the user's Website.
    20. Restricting the use of cookies in user’s final device may affect the functionality of some Websites.
  1. Cookies are used for:

Changes in Privacy Policy

  1. PACE Foundation can modify its Privacy Policy anytime.
  2. PACE Foundation informs about any changes to Privacy Policy only by posting the modified Privacy Statement on our sites and indicating at the top of the Statement the date it was last updated.
  3. PACE Foundation asks users to review Privacy Policy each time the user visits PACE Foundation website, to see if this Statement has been updated since the last visit and to make sure that the user understands how personal information are being protected.